Comfortable Compression Socks With Reusable Gel Packs

Person Wearing Black Compression Socks

ICE-SOX provides compression and ice/heat therapy to aches, pains, and overuse injuries occurring to the lower extremity. Any doctor will convey the importance of R-I-C-E (rest, ice, compression, elevation) to people suffering from aches and pains. This sock is the first, functional, and superior means of making two of these R-I-C-E factors, ice and compression, functional, and effortless. The days spent on the couch with a "bag of peas" are over.  This ICE-SOX can treat the following areas:

• Legs
• Feet
• Achilles Tendons

• Shins
• Calves

• Ankles
• Plantar Fascia

WHY ICE-SOX?  ICE-SOX was created by a medical professional and Iron-man triathlete who understands the importance of cutting down the time it takes to recover from overuse injuries. Taken separately, both ice and compression have powerful properties that aid in recovery, and when you put them together studies show reduced recovery time.  ICE-SOX makes combining these factors simple! 



  • Help reduce lower extremity swelling
  • Reduces muscle fatigue and soreness
  • Promote greater oxygenation of blood circulation to fatigued areas to reduce recovery time from overuse or daily wear and tear injuries

ICE-SOX FACTS: Designed and manufactured in Downtown Los Angeles.  Here are some additional FACTS about them:

  • Unique stitch pattern provides Foot ventilation
  • Anatomically accurate design (left/right socks)
  • Comfort with a seamless design and reinforced toe/heels
  • 360° Toe box construction
  • Spandex/nylon blend for an easy on/off design

ICE-SOX includes one pair of compression socks and two reusable .

Those are the ICE-SOX FACTS!

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